1. Admission Requirements

1.1 Application Requirements for Grade 7

1.2 Application Requirements for Grade 10

1.3  For International Students.

o Single status

o Good health

o Positive character

2. Application Documents:

2.1 Photos (1 or 2 inch /es) of the candidate, taken within 6 months back.

2. 2 Certified copy of candidate’s birth certificate.

2.3 Mathayom 1 students

o Submit documents showing completion in the grade 6 level. Docum

ents must be endorsed by the school.

2.4  Mathayom 4 students

o Documents of graduation or of present grade 9 student status.

o Certification of student’s performance in grade 9 pending the final grade point average. It must have the endorsement of one of the school authorities.   

3. Application Process

4. Submission  OF Requirements

5. Entrance Examination Date

6. Examination Syllabus

7. Publication of the Qualified Students

8. Tuition Fees

9. Miscellaneous

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